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iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 14 Pro

Get the facts on the similarities & differences between the two models in terms of performance, camera capabilities, display technology, storage options, battery life & other key features.
Black iPhone 14 and yellow iPhone 14 Pro next to one another.

Thinking of upgrading to a new iPhone but not sure which one to choose? If you can’t decide whether to splurge on iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro, read on! With each generation of iPhone, comes a host of upgrades, which vary based on which model you get. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of which iPhone 14 model suits your needs and budget.


If you liked the design of iPhone 13, then you will probably be happy with the design of iPhone 14 (released September 16, 2022). The standard-model iPhone 14 looks pretty much the same as its most recent predecessor. One notable addition is the introduction of a canary yellow model, only available for iPhone 14 (and 14 Plus). However, there are key design differences in iPhone 14 Pro from its predecessors.

  • Larger Camera Module: Thanks to the inclusion of the new 48MP main sensor, the camera module (those round lenses on the back of the phone) is slightly bigger than it has been in previous generations.
  • Dynamic Island: iPhone 14 Pro is missing the notch, which is that small rectangle of black space that has traditionally appeared at the top of iPhone since the introduction of iPhone X. Instead, the space has been replaced by what iPhone calls the “Dynamic Island.” The Dynamic Island is a pill-shaped box where notifications will appear on iPhone 14 Pro series models.
  • Deep Purple: While lovers of space black, silver, and gold iPhones can still have their color of choice, those who anticipate Apple’s inclusion of fun, new colors for each iteration of iPhone Pro series will love deep purple—a rich, metallic shade.

Design: Key differences

iPhone 14

  • What we love most: For those who really loved their iPhone 13, the good news is that not much has changed. Plus, the canary yellow color offers a bit of variety.
  • Other considerations: iPhone 14 still has the notch in the center of the screen, while the Dynamic Island has replaced the notch on the Pro and is a useful tool for displaying relevant information in an easy-to-view location. Those who opt for iPhone 14 might miss out.

iPhone 14 Pro

  • What we love most: The Dynamic Island is a welcome addition, replacing the notch.
  • Other considerations: While the deep purple is a sophisticated option, those who are looking for something bright might prefer iPhone 14.


For those who love a bright screen, both iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are excellent, though iPhone 14 Pro boasts the brightest screen yet. However, one big difference between the models is the Always On display feature, which we’ll take a closer look at below. Here are the key differences between iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro from its predecessors.

iPhone 14

  • Brightness: iPhone 14 is rated to have a peak HDR brightness of 1,200 nits, which is the same as iPhone 13.

iPhone 14 Pro

  • Brightness: Apple reports that iPhone 14 Pro has a peak brightness of 2,000 nits outdoors, double that of previous generations.
  • Always On: Always On display dims the Lock Screen but lets you see pertinent information, like the time, widgets, and wallpaper, even when the phone is locked or idle.
  • ProMotion: This feature, which has come standard on iPhone Pro models since the 13 series, allows for up to a 120Hz refresh rate. The changes make swiping around the home screen and scrolling social media feel twice as fluid as the same actions do on other versions of iPhone.

Display: Key differences

iPhone 14

  • What we love most: iPhone 14 remains one of the brightest phones around, both indoors and outdoors and maintains the same good looks as iPhone 13.
  • Other considerations: ProMotion, which is not available on this phone, can make the touchscreen experience much more seamless. It’s also lacking the Always On feature.

iPhone 14 Pro

  • What we love most: At 2,000 nits, the 14 Pro is Apple’s brightest phone yet, and those who frequently use their phone outdoors are bound to notice a difference.
  • Other considerations:While the Always On feature can be useful, some report that the feature is distracting and drains the battery. However, you do have option to turn it off.


Like every previous generation of iPhone, the latest iPhones have improved the cameras. And while iPhone 14 Pro’s camera offers clear advantages over iPhone 14, you may be happy with the updates to both.

iPhone 14

  • Sensor:iPhone 14 has gotten a larger main 12MP sensor with larger pixels (1.9 microns), along with a faster f/1.5 aperture. The sensor is responsible for capturing light, and Apple promises the change will mean as much as 49% improvement in low-light performance.
  • Focus:Selfie lovers, rejoice. iPhone 14’s 12MP front-facing camera has seen a serious upgrade in the form of an enhanced hybrid focus system, powered in part by a new autofocus capability. This means selfies should be much clearer.
  • AI-Powered Photos:Apple has also introduced the Photonic Engine. This update incorporates AI technology, which should improve the quality of low-light photography.

iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro series includes all the above updates with a few key differences from its predecessor.

  • Closer Zoom: The new 48MP main sensor, which is much larger than that of iPhone 14, is also 65% larger than iPhone 13 Pro’s sensor. That means two times the optical zoom of earlier models on its own. But combined with the addition of the 12MP 3x telephoto lens, the zoom on the latest iPhone Pro takes shots that appear significantly closer than other models.
  • Improved Flash and Night Mode: Flash photography has long been a challenge for iPhone photographers. The addition of night mode portrait options and adaptive true tone flash to the 14 Pro means that light is spread more evenly, resulting in much more natural-looking night photos.

Camera: Key differences

iPhone 14

  • What we love most: iPhone lovers who take a lot of selfies should love the updates for focus.
  • Other considerations: Those who were hoping to get higher-quality flash photos or who like to capture live events where zoom is important may feel like they’re not getting much of an upgrade.

iPhone 14 Pro

  • What we love most: The upgrades to iPhone 14 Pro will likely feel very significant to professional photographers and those who love to snap photos at night. Closer Zoom could also be a great addition for nature lovers.
  • Other considerations: For those who only snap photos occasionally, improvements to things like flash might not make much difference.
View of the iPhone camera lenses.


While iPhone 14 has seen a performance upgrade in its latest iteration, the Pro has experienced a huge improvement.

iPhone 14

  • Better Chipset: iPhone 14 includes the A15 Bionic chipset upgrade from last year, but this time around it uses the 5-Core GPU version, which was only found in iPhone 13 Pro last time around. It’s a powerful chip by any standards.

iPhone 14 Pro

  • Industry-Leading Upgrade: iPhone 14 Pro has gotten a major boost in the form of the new A16 Bionic with a hexa-core CPU, penta-core GPU, and 16-core Neural Engine, which are all built on a 4nm process. This addition makes iPhone 14 Pro the most powerful of any smartphone on the market today.

Performance: Key differences

  • What we love most: Though it still uses the chipset found in earlier models, iPhone 14 has seen an upgrade, including technology that was only found in iPhone 13 Pro last year.
  • Other considerations: For those who crave seriously high performance, iPhone 14 Pro overshadows the 14.

iPhone 14 Pro

  • What we love most: For those who want the fastest phone around, iPhone 14 Pro leads the smartphone industry.
  • Other considerations: Only those who are dedicated gearheads are likely to notice a marked improvement.

Battery Life

While iPhone 14 Pro still has a longer battery life than the 14, some new features might just use more battery life on the Pro series compared to the 14.

iPhone 14

  • Long Life: iPhone 14 is listed as having up-to 20 hours of video playback. However, real-world tests put that number at around 9 hours, 28 minutes.

iPhone 14 Pro

  • Could Be Shorter Than Before: Though Apple purports the Pro to have 23 hours of video playback, tests put that number at 10 hours, 13 minutes, which is shorter than versions past. This could be because of the Always On feature.

Battery Life: Key differences

iPhone 14  

  • What we love most: The battery life seems to be around the same as earlier versions.
  • Other considerations: Even with the Always On feature being a battery-demanding feature, the battery life of iPhone 14 is lower.

iPhone 14 Pro

  • What we love most: At just over 10 hours in real-world tests, iPhone 14 Pro is still able to outlast iPhone 14.
  • Other considerations: The phone’s Always On feature might mean that the Pro model needs to be charged more frequently than its predecessor.

The Verdict

For photography and technology lovers alike, iPhone 14 Pro is a huge improvement over both iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14. The addition of the high-functioning rear camera, not to mention the faster A16 Bionic chip makes this version incredibly exciting. The Dynamic Island is also groundbreaking, providing a useful notification system and a welcome departure from the “notch” on older iPhones. The Pro also offers an option for 1TB of storage, while iPhone 14 maxes out at 512GB.

One consideration with the Pro is the Always On feature. While many admire the ability to access time, weather and other handy info at a glance, it may drain the battery quicker. The good news: you can always turn it off.

In a nutshell, if features like improved camera, brightness, extra storage, and performance are an important part of iPhone experience, the difference in price – just a couple of hundred dollars, could be well worth it.

Of course, no matter which one of these phones you choose, you’re getting a 5G-capable device that can help you harness the next generation of wireless connectivity.

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